[LFR] Special - Hang out with me on Saturday to maximise your Roam output

Happy Thursday fellow Roamans,

I don’t often send out emails outside of the bi-monthly schedule but I wanted to see what you were up to this weekend.

Do you want to hang out this Saturday?

Jason Griffing and I will be doing a YouTube livestream Roam Sessions on Maximising Output in Roam.

We’ll be live at 2pm UTC, 10am ET. That’s 3pm here in the UK. (Check out when it is in your timezone)

I’ll be discussing and demonstrating my Roam writing workflows. I'll be pulling back the curtain and show you how I go about creating Letters from a Roaman and how I turn my notes into articles and essays.

Come along and say hi and bring your burning questions about writing in Roam. If you can’t make it, send me your question by replying to this email and I’ll try to answer them. You’ll be able to catch up with the replay later.

Hope to see you on Saturday


Andy Henson

I write Letters from a Roaman, curating community news and resources primarily around Roam Research, though I also include other information applicable to other tools for thought and the area in general. I also share my thoughts on a wide variety of tools for thought topics.

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